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10 Febrero 2011

After yesterday's blog post covering the near draw between our two Ricebowl Challenge teams, the students have pulled dramatically into the lead raising almost 1 million grains of rice in just one day.

So far the Student's Ricebowl has raised 4,331,860 grains of rice, while Drew's Ricebowl has raised 3,830,320. That brings the Ricebowl Challenge to a total of 8,162,180 grains of rice providing a days worth of meals for almost 500 people.

While both teams share an ultimate goal, to tackle global hunger, the three top players stand a chance of each winning a football signed by NFL quarterback, Drew Brees. That's to give you an extra nudge, just in case feeding the world's hungriest were not enough of an incentive!

This year the Student's Ricebowl is being lead by the Maine Learning Technology Initiative. Thank you to them and the students leading the way!

The Ricebowl ChallengeLet us know which team you're on? Or if you haven't already, pick your team:
Student's Team
Drew's Team

The Ricebowl Challenge runs ends February 12. To find out more, go to

Mon, 02/14/2011 - 16:46 ME_Aton

Wow. I really don't see how someone can get over 100,000 grains of rice in only 6 days. Thats crazy.
Good job every one!


Sat, 02/12/2011 - 04:35 dominoman2020

This competition is huge.

Fri, 02/11/2011 - 21:42 ME_2THEMAXX1

not relay there is only 400 of u and 1200 of us

Fri, 02/11/2011 - 04:39 weewubbles

An adult losing to children... CRAZY!! I'm helping Drew Brees

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