Blog entry A Billion Grains in the Final Quarter

11 Febrero 2011

Almost a billion grains of rice have been raised so far through the Ricebowl Challenge that ends this Saturday, February 12, thanks to the dedication of almost 2,000 Freericers who have joined either one of the opposing teams.

The Students have maintained a constant lead over Drew's team in the last few days. However, credit should be given to his team which boasts half the number of members but has managed follow closely on the students' heels.

Apart from raising much needed rice, the three top players from either team will win a football signed by the NFL quarterback, Drew Brees, who is leading the opposition team: Drew's Ricebowl.

Leading the Student's Ricebowl is the Maine Learning Technology Initiative.

It is not too late to pull your thinking-shoes on, join a team and help us reach the one billion mark!

The Ricebowl ChallengeLet us know which team you're on? Or if you haven't already, pick your team:
Student's Team
Drew's Team

The Ricebowl Challenge runs ends February 12. To find out more, go to

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