Registering your class

Good news, teachers! You can now register up to 39 students on one email address (this also protects the identity of your students by giving them a limited profile without any personal information):

1. Register your own profile

2. You will receive an email with login credentials

If you did not receive this, check your junk mail folder. Alternatively, it is possible your email address was mistyped during registration and you should try registering again.

3. Log in and create a group

Once logged in, registered profiles can create and join groups. Create a group that your students will join in Step 6, using this link:

4. Logout

5. Register each an individual profile for each student

Each student must have a unique username, but you can use the same email address and password for all the accounts, but you will need to register them as under the age of 14 even if they are older. This will provide them with a limited profile, to protect their identity.

Sharing one profile with one login credentials damages Freerice's database and risks being blocked by the system's antibot system.

An easy way to register multiple classes, is to provide the email address to your students along with instructions on how to register.

NB - this a temporary solution for registering classes, or a "hack". For this reason, it's important to register the students as under 14 years old, even if they are not under 14 years old. Or you will not be able to register the students on one email address.

6. Provide the login details and group profile URL to each student

Now that your students are registered and the group created, provide the students with their individual login details and the link to your group profile. They will see an option to "Join" and they should click this.

What's Next?

At the start of every session, students will need to choose to "play" for your group. Many Freericers are members of multiple groups, and if you do not select to play in a group, the totals are counted towards your personal profiles but not any particular group total.

To do this: navigate to group profile or choose the group from their list of groups:, and click "Play".

Teacher Resources

Now that your class is registered, you can hold tournaments, set class assignments, and more! Let us know the interesting ways that you are using Freerice. We may publish your experience on the Freerice blog to inspire others!

You can also find a range of Teacher Resources here:

If you or your school create any additional lesson plans, or other fun teacher resources, please share them with us so that other teachers can make use of them?

If you have any questions, you can email wfp.freerice [at]

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